Brian Mackenzie

1-on-1 personalized Human Performance guidance and education with Brian Mackenzie.

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This limited space mentorship is for anyone, from athlete to CEO to parent, looking to perform at their highest potential.



To provide Human Performance education empowering individuals to perform at their highest biological potential. That is performing better, sustaining it in the long run and remaining healthy.


When looking to perform at our highest biological potential there’s no single method or solution that works for all.

There are many ways up the mountain, and all too often we want the way others have gone.

This only leads to ill-fitting solutions that become a crutch to the individual, making them fragile.

A mentorship should be about empowering the individual, not creating a dependancy.

The Mentorship program is designed with this in mind.



- 4 x 30 minute calls per month with Brian Mackenzie
- Personalised programming into & around current lifestyle
- ‘Daily Practice’ and Baseline development
- Leading edge Human Performance education
- Tools, Workouts, Tests & Resources
- Access to full suite of PSE programs
- Access to Brian Mackenzie Book List


Monthly Payment - $700

We require an initial 3 month minimum commitment at 3 x $700 = $2,100